ARK-Servern Info



This Server is using a Engram-Unlocker

Dont sit on a Dino by leveling or mybe you must use a Mindwipe for unlocking all Engrams.

The most important Stuff is 25x 

Except for:

Passive Tame Interval:0.3

Dino Health Recovery:2

Dino Mating Interval:0,02

Baby Mature Speed:140

Player and Dino Stats are vanilla

Except for:

Tamed Dino Weight:22  

Tamed Dino Speed:3

Player Weight:22

Player Food & Water drain:0.2



21 Days until you lose your Dinos

30 Days for Stone Struckture

Max-Dino-Level: 150
You can add +73 levels by normal dinos and +88 by X from Genesis.

Max-Player-Level: 155
Survivors start at level 1. 104 levels can be gained normally, 45 gained by defeating end-game bosses, and 5 acquired by leveling up a chibi.

Dont spam any stuff.
Only build near your base
Remove not used stuff.
Dont block resources.
Place Stargates only in your base.

If you break the rules i will not delet each structure with one command.
I will delet all your structure with one command.

Breeding is not so time-consuming and almost all dinos can be bred thanks to the mods and settings.

Long distances can be connected with a bridge of two Stargates or more.

We are happy to provide other official maps, but be sure that your main base is on one of the MASTER cluster servers the servers use a lot of RAM and will only run as long as people are playing on it, the MASTER cluster servers are excluded.


IP & PORT: Lost Island

IP & PORT: Ragnarok

IP & PORT: Valguero

IP & PORT: Genesis 2

IP & PORT: Extinction

IP & PORT: Genesis 1

IP & PORT: Crystal Isles


add them later