ARK-Servern Info


This Server is using a Engram-Unlocker

Dont sit on a Dino by leveling or mybe you must use a Mindwipe for unlocking all Engrams.

The most important Stuff is 15x 

Except for:

Passive Tame Interval:0.3

Dino Health Recovery:2

Dino Mating Interval:0,02

Baby Mature Speed:140

Player and Dino Stats are vanilla

Except for:

Tamed Dino Weight:22  

Tamed Dino Speed:3

Player Weight:22

Player Food & Water drain:0.2

No Decay

Only Admin cleanup.

Join Discord or other Support Channels that we can keep in touch and can make a request if you are still playing.

Max-Dino-Level: 150
You can add +73 levels by normal dinos and +88 by X from Genesis.

Max-Player-Level: 155
Survivors start at level 1. 104 levels can be gained normally, 45 gained by defeating end-game bosses, and 5 acquired by leveling up a chibi.

Dont spam any stuff.
Only build near your base
Remove not used stuff.
Dont block resources.
Place Stargates only in your base.

If you break the rules i will not delet each structure with one command.
I will delet all your structure with one command.

Breeding is not so time-consuming and almost all dinos can be bred thanks to the mods and settings.

Long distances can be connected with a bridge of two Stargates or more.

We are happy to provide other official maps, but be sure that your main base is on one of the first 6 cluster servers the servers use a lot of RAM and will only run as long as people are playing on it, the first 6 cluster servers are excluded.

Join Discord for make a request.