1.)Maximum of 2 bases for each player

2.)Blocking important resources is not allowed. build in caves with metal etc..

3.)No begging for items in any way

(Trade is ok)

4.)No foundations gate raft spam etc…
or the exaggerated building of these elemts in one place

5.)It is possible at any time that items or dinos get changed if you dont agree with it please play where else

6.)On the map scattered structures and dinosaurs are deleted by me So build in one place and keep your dinos together

7.)Store unused dinos into cryo

8.)if you are new and have not been online for 2 days and have only built a small stone house, everything will be deleted

9.) Dont build with any Baseparts outside your Base

(if you Build a Taming-Box wich is not a Base remove it after you are done)

10.) Dont farm with highdamage dinos which generate LAGs

11.) Support new Players wich are not in Tribe
is only allowed with vanilla-items or dinos (NO TEK)

12.)Do not set the shields larger than you must and blocks nothing and nobody (only use for your base) (only use max range if you have a big base) (i delet your shield gen if you dont follow the rule)

13).Any abuse of turrets will be punished with a full clear of all your items

(base defense only) (Do not lure dinos into the base or build towers outside the base) (Use bosssummon outside of turret-range)

Consequences of ignoring the rules delete all of your stuff delete individual items or dinos time ban or permanent ban

(ONLY SUPPORT OVER DISCORD) no refund of any items or dinos